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Dual Extract Tincture

100% Fruiting Body


Get the “Mushroom of Long Life” in your daily ritual 




Strengthens body’s defense against cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, allergies & viruses.

Regulates cellular functions, protects against stress-damage, lowers inflammation & supports liver detoxification.



Mushroom Medicine is most powerful when consumed consistently.

Enjoy this daily ritual of connection with these Ancient Medicinal Masters.




TAKE 1 DROPPER DAILY either straight under the tongue

OR with a small amount of warm water.


For daily maintenance 0.5ml daily 

For more acute symptoms 1ml daily


Taking tinctures under the tongue is the most effective method of absorption as the capillaries in the mouth transfer the compounds directly into the bloodstream. 

Dual extraction is made by combining hot water and alcohol extracts together, which is very effective in offering the benefits of both methods in a bio available form. 

Reishi Extract Tincture

  • Locally & organically grown

    Full spectrum fruiting body

    Dual-extracted tincture 

    Small batch hand made

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