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about our farm

About our mushroom farm


Located beside the rocky shores, amongst the cedars & seals on southern Vancouver Island we have a small-scale, hands on, low tech mushroom farm. We use both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, always aiming for the highest quality production.


You can find us at the Shirley Country Farmers Market on Sundays from June - October. Products also stocked at local retailers in Sooke & Shirley.


Please email for more details.

Starting out in the deep lush forests of the North West Coast, we found our fascination with the mysterious mushroom community as they played hide and seek amongst the trees and moss covered forests. This wonderment grew into a passionate obsession, which for 5 years has led us on the path to be co-creators with these mycillium allies, learning to listen to their wisdom, learning how to feed & nurture them, and exploring different techniques for cultivation.

For when they thrive, we all thrive.
We have created relationships with many varieties, growing both food and medicines, trying both indoor and outdoor cultivation, always keeping our production hands-on, small scale, organic & chemical free. We produce all our mushrooms from start to finish - building communities of mycillium cultures in the laboratory, through to fruiting, harvesting, processing and extraction.

Read more about the process of our tincture creations here.
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